Arvind "Robbie" Ravi is the assistant chief clerk and self-described "Number 2" of the ISPV 7 Debris Section who hails from India.


A divorced father, he has seven children and supporting them is the motivation for his job.[1] He is a trickster or prop comedian with a very flexible body. Seemingly obnoxious and opportunistic, he seems to always seek to climb the corporate ladder. However, this is because he pays a substantial amount of child support, and seeks a better life for his many children. His nickname, taken from his comic turns, is "Sunflower", given to him by Gigalt.



In February, he acquired his license to pilot aerospace craft. In March, he graduated from the School of Mathematical Sciences at Gandhi Memorial University. In April, he joined the Technora Corporation's second division (operators of the ISPV 7), where he was initially assigned to the Materials Section.[1]


In September, he acquired his EVA skills license.[1]


In April, he was transferred to the Human Resources Section.[1]


In April, he was transferred to the Food Management Section.[1]


In April, he was transferred to the Debris Section.[1]


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