Dolph Azalia (ドルフ・アザリア Dorufu Azaria?) is a character in Planetes. He was the founder of the Traom Space Development Company and joined the Technora Corporation when his company was absorbed by it. He eventually became the director of the Second Division at the ISPV 7.



In April, he joined Orbital Staff. In July, he acquired his aerospace special communications license.[1]


He got his Masters in Business Administration from Stanford.[1]


In April, he founded the Traom Space Development Company.


In April, when Traom was absorbed by Technora, he was assigned to the General Affairs Section of the 3rd division. In July, he acquired his special EVA skills license. In September, he was transferred to Accounting Section.[1]


In September, he was transferred to Control Section.[1]


In April, he was transferred to the 2nd division, the operators of the ISPV 7, where he became director of Control Section.[1]


In April, he was promoted to Section Manager.[1]


In April, he was promoted to Division Manager.[1]


Dolph was about to be replaced at Second Division and his replacement desired to shut down the Debris Section.[2]

Dolph was taken hostage by the Space Defense Front.[3] Following the terrorist attack, Dolph ordered Hachimaki and Goro to take a vacation on Earth.[4]


Fee Carmichael

Fee was his former employee when they were both at Traom, and they maintained their friendship despite being assigned to different sections on the ISPV 7. When Fee was considered a promotion to Control Section, her frequent meetings with Dolph led Arvind Ravi to suspect her of having an affair.[5]


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