Extraterrestrial Girl
Episode number Phase 7
Air date November 15, 2003
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The Lunar Flying Squirrels
A Place To Cling To

Extraterrestrial Girl is the 7th episode of the science fiction television series Planetes (Anime). It was aired in Japan on November 15, 2003.

Synopsis Edit

While recovering from an injury, Hachimaki must stay on the Moon to recover. He then meets a girl who is a Lunarian, a person born on the Moon. Hachimaki also meets Harry Roland, a veteran astronaut who is in an adjacent hospital bed.

In the World Edit

  • Japan: Chikyūgai Shōjo (地球外少女)
  • Catalonia: La noia extraterrestre
  • France: Une jeune extraterrestre
  • Germany: Eine junge Außerirdische
  • Italy: La ragazza extraterrestre
  • Portugal: A rapariga extraterrestre
  • Spain: La chica extraterrestre
  • Teremedó: La noya aliení§ena

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