His Reasons
Episode number Phase 17
Air date February 7, 2004
Episode guide
Debris Section, Last Day

His Reasons is the 17th episode of the science fiction television series Planetes (Anime). It was aired in Japan on February 7, 2004.

Synopsis Edit

The chief engineer of the Jupiter Exploration Mission hopes to recruit Hachimaki's father, a veteran of several missions to Mars, but all he wants is to settle down back on Earth.

In the World Edit

  • Japan: Sore Yue no Kare (それゆえの彼)
  • Catalonia: Ľescollit
  • France: C’est pour ça qu’il…
  • Germany: Aus diesem Grund ist er…
  • Italy: Un uomo fatto a modo suo
  • Portugal: O eleito
  • Spain: El elegido
  • Teremedó: Ľaskzyiṭ

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