Part of the Job
Episode number Phase 4
Air date October 25, 2003
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Return Trajectory
Fly Me to the Moon

Part of the Job is the 4th episode of the science fiction television series Planetes (Anime). It was aired in Japan on October 25, 2003.

Synopsis Edit

The spoiled son of INTO chairman, Colin Clifford visits the ISPV 7 space station, and goes on a debris hauling mission with the Debris Section. Among the debris retrieved is Colin's camera carelessly left attached to a derelict satellite.

In the World Edit

  • Japan: Shigoto Toshite (仕事として)
  • Catalonia: Professionals
  • France: C’est notre travail
  • Germany: Teil unserer Arbeit
  • Italy: Il figlio di papà
  • Portugal: Profissionais
  • Spain: Profesionales
  • Teremedó: Przḟassyznals

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