Philippe Myers (フィリップ・マイヤーズ?) is the chief clerk of the ISPV 7 Debris Section.


He is overweight but jolly, and calls his co-workers by the first syllable of their names. At first glance, he seems like a bumbling stereotypical salaryman, however, when given the chance, shows heroic courage. He wears a hairpiece that changed from light blond when Ai first joined Debris Section to reddish-brown by the launch of the Von Braun. Gigalt gave him the nickname of "Marshmallow".



In April, he joined KHN Satellite Broadcast Company.[1]


When KHN was absorbed by Technora in October, he was assigned to the Accounting Section of the New York Branch Office of Technora's 1st division.[1]


In March, he was transferred to General Affairs section.[1]


In April, he was transferred to the Data Section.[1]


In September, he was transferred to Debris Section at Technora's 2nd division (based on the ISPV 7).[1]


  • The color change in his wig throughout the series is reflected in the opening to each episode when the Debris Section walk past the Space Shuttle Endeavour launch.
  • In the opening to the final episode, his wig transitions from blond to reddish-brown as he walks past the screen.


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