Return Trajectory
Episode number Phase 3
Air date October 18, 2003
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Like a Dream
Part of the Job

Return Trajectory is the third episode of the science fiction television series Planetes (Anime). It was aired in Japan on October 18, 2003.

Synopsis Edit

Insurance salespeople swarm the ISPV 7 space station while members of the Debris Section write their annual wills. During a routine debris collection, Yuri, Tanabe, and Hachimaki recover a space coffin containing a famous astronaut. However, an ideological conflict erupts over the fate of the coffin and the body contained in it.

In the World Edit

  • Japan: Kikan Kidō (帰還軌道)
  • Catalonia: Òrbita de retorn
  • France: Retour
  • Germany: Rückflug
  • Italy: Orbita di ritorno
  • Portugal: Órbita de volta
  • Spain: Órbita de retorno
  • Teremedó: Ôrbiṭa da ṭzrnada

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